Popular solutions for shelters and crisis agencies include:

  • Unified Messaging Call Forwarding: ability to forward calls to wherever staff can be reached based on a scheduled basis or on demand
  • Call Masking: enable staff to use their own phone without disclosing their personal number
  • Audio Conferencing: conduct secure counseling sessions or staff meetings
  • 2-Way Text Concierge: enable those needing services to text an existing or new support line
  • Counsellors can log into the web-based platform and text back and forth with those in need
  • Tickets are created to track each conversation and can be classified as urgent so a monitoring supervisor can intervene when needed
  • All text communication between a counsellor and client is recorded reducing the need for detailed note-taking
  • Recorded conversations can be reviewed in the event of critical situations (overdoses, domestic violence, etc.)
  • Ability to provide automated responses using Keywords
  • Craft canned responses for quick replies
  • Secure, end-to-end encryption
“The ripple effect of domestic violence in our communities affects us all and the resources available to help are now even more accessible. Through a partnership with Ivrnet, we were able to expand the abilities of our existing Transition Houses throughout the province by creating a single toll-free number that women can call or text to get help. In addition, calls to the line automatically route those in need to the closest shelter for support. This improvement to our service means we can connect to more women and families, provide better metrics for government initiatives and funding, and deliver an even higher quality of service for the community as a whole.”
Dan Meades

Provincial Coordinator of Transition House Association of Newfoundland and Labrador