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Quick and simple multi-channel communication solutions. Push notifications to your users via phone, text, fax and email. Login to your Ivrnet Central account to simply record or enter your message, select the communication methods and send it to a designated group of individuals.


  • Self-created recordings
  • Self-managed user lists
  • Mass-calling or Sequential-calling
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Call count tracks number of calls received
  • Users are able to manage their own notification preferences
  • Secure online web portal, accessible from any internet device
  • Reporting
  • Statistical reporting & analytics of message send dates, recipients, confirmation and survey responses, live answers, busy signals, no responses, answering machines and fax machines

Popular Use-Cases

  • Collections: notify customers of outstanding invoices and directing them to your payment portal for quick payment
  • Confirmation: bookings and appointments
  • Reminders: appointments and deadlines
  • Emergency Management: sent out timely alerts within seconds
  • Promotion: distribute information about upcoming events, products and services

Optional Notification Managed Services

Ivrnet offers optional fully managed outbound notifications solutions for organizations.  Services include:

  • Professional voice talent
  • Digital audio editing (for self-recorded messages needing to be sent)
  • Optimized engagement through specific send dates and times
per month
Automated Outbound Text, Phone & Email
per month
Push notifications to your customers, members or users via phone, text, fax and email. Record or type your message, select the desired communication methods and send it to a designated group of individuals.
Telecom Expense Management
2-Way Text (Concierge Service)