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Facilities Management

Tracks events, bookings and program schedules.


  • Create and manage:
    • Facility schedules
    • Rental bookings
    • Facility-wide blackouts
    • Internal bookings
  • Allow users to request to rent facilities (pending bookings)
  • Tiered pricing included to manage a variety of rental rates
  • Administrators can manage the built-in facility calendars on a day-to-day, weekly, or monthly basis
  • With the programs module, schedule events, classes, and programs into the correct facilities, tracking supplementary resources, like tables and chairs with the Supplementary Resources module
  • Qualify bookings using demographic and/or pre-requisite restrictions.
  • Export applicable aggregate data and granular reports along with financial information

Supplementary Resources

This module works in conjunction with program and event management and facility booking management to give organizations the ability to manage and allocate additional resources (e.g., tables, chairs, sound systems, etc.) that are needed for programs, events, or facility booking.


Membership Cards & Facility Check-ins

Organizations can track facility traffic by using Central’s membership card which allows for scanning bar codes.

Whether you want to track how many people are using your facilities or restrict entry to those individuals with certain memberships, Central’s check-in feature has you covered.


  • Print membership cards with bar codes.
  • The bar code represents a unique number ID that Central creates for each member, or it can be manually changed/updated by an administrator.
  • Because administrators can change the number, this unique identifier can be the string of numbers/letters for an RFID fob/card or any other card printer.
  • For basic integration of a scanner, organizations can purchase a simple card bar code scanner, and a scanned card will validate against Central’s facility check in functionality, allowing administrators to  track member and members’ guest check-ins.
  • Additional functionality, such as scanning an RFID fob or validation (e.g., for an automated gatekicker), is available.
Membership Management
Supplementary Resource Mgmt