Ivrnet provides communications tools to First Nations communities to engage residents, administration and councils.

Popular solutions include:

  • Notifications: push automated calls, texts or emails to residents and staff informing them of events, emergency notifications or community closures
  • Programs and Facility Management: enable residents to register for programs, book facilities and pay online or via secure phone
  • Unified Messaging Call Forwarding: ability to forward calls to wherever staff or council can be reached based on a scheduled basis or on demand
  • Call Masking: enable staff and leaders to use their own phone without disclosing their personal number
  • Audio Conferencing: conduct secure staff or leadership meetings
  • 2-Way Text Concierge: enable the community to text an existing or new contact line to reach various community services
      • Administrative staff can log into the web-based platform and text back and forth with residents
      • Tickets are created to track each conversation and can be classified based on the type of inquiry and urgency
      • Conversations can be followed in real-time by a supervisor or reviewed later for quality assurance or liability concerns
      • All text communications are recorded reducing the need for detailed note-taking
      • Ability to provide automated responses using Keywords
      • Craft canned responses for quick replies
      • Secure, end-to-end encryption