Essential Business Communication Suite

Stay connected with your customers and staff

6 key communication tools for small and medium sized teams – all for only $20/month*.

What's included in the Essential Business Communication Suite


Concierge Lite

Text enable a new or existing business phone number.
Cloud Based Call Routing

Unified Messaging (UM)

Web-based call routing so you can forward calls wherever and whenever.
Audio Conferencing


Conduct conference calls anytime, anywhere, without specifying a date, time, duration or number of participants.
Call Masking

Call Masking

Keep personal phone numbers private when dialing clients.

Digital Fax

Send and receive faxes from a computer.

Toll Free Services

Your source for toll free services.
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Improving customer engagement

Start improving your customer engagement today!

We’ve found companies that excel when it comes to customer engagement see higher customer lifetime value and lower acquisition costs, which is crucial for long-term success. 

Annual Contract Plan
per Month Minimum

* Includes usage fees up to $30/month.
$100 one-time setup fee.

Here’s what some of our awesome customers have to say...
Their texting tool for business has made it really helpful at our work for customers to text in from their cars for picking up purchases. It is really simple to use.
Megan Darcy
We use the UM and the Associated Voicemail and Call Masking for clients. As psychologists and working remote, our clients can call in to our UM numbers, which we can pick the times it forwards to our cell phones or when it goes to voicemail.
Stephen Karasev
We also signed up for the small business communications package – we recycled our physical fax machine that we used maybe 6 times a year and can now send through a web log in and the faxes come in to both the web log in and our reception email. We cut our fax line saving time, money and some desk space. We also really like and use the UM functionality.
Ryan Wilson
Audio conferencing works simple and easy.
William Carter
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*Includes usage fees up to $30/month