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Telecom Expense Management

Friends and Family Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Ivrnet Central’s TEM module allows a business to extend their company’s mobile phone plan rates to their team’s friends and family – WITHOUT this becoming a burden on the company accounting and administrative staff.

This enables the company to get better rates by having more phones on their plan, while at the same time increasing employee retention by extending the lower corporate rate to staff’s friends and family.

Simple Overview

  • At the beginning of the month, Ivrnet Central automatically downloads the Friends & Family plans and bills them by credit card 
  • It includes each phone’s plan rate and overages
  • Those funds are transferred to the corporation’s bank account
  • The corporation pays the corporate and Friends & Family accounts when due
  • The corporate rates can be 40% to 105% less than an individual plan, translating to savings up to $40/month


  • Ivrnet charges a fixed fee per line each month
  • The payments can go through the corporation’s merchant provider or through Ivrnet’s merchant account.  An additional 4% fee is added to each charge for the cost of the credit card transaction if using Ivrnet’s merchant account.
  • Using the Admin Module, the corporation can pass the credit fee on to its members if they so choose
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