Building a future that we want to work in. 

We created tools that promote a more balanced and efficient way to manage your organization. 

Moving forward 

From the beginning, it started out on a golf course and booking tee times online. Overtime we grew our multiple platforms and have merged it into one amazing product – what we now call Central.  With the momentum we have, we are moving full speed ahead, expanding the platform further by introducing new vertical markets. Our technology is designed to help businesses reduce overhead; improve performance and enhance customer satisfaction through improved communications and cutting-edge automation. 

We focus on technology-based business process improvement, specializing in the management of large user and membership groups, and the movement of data between users and computers. Ivrnet builds intelligence using common technologies such as the telephone, text, internet, fax and social media to interact with our custom software. We use these tools to create and host easy-to-use interfaces for clients to access their existing software and can still benefit by utilizing our technology. 

How did we get here? 

Ivrnet was built on the amalgamation of several companies with specialized technologies that proved to be synergistic with one another.  We overlay voice and data networks with powerful tools to enhance operating efficiency and simultaneously to improve the quality of customer experience. Our technology is specially designed to strengthen customer relationships and loyalty.