Simplifying Communication, Community Management and Payments

Harris’s IVRNET software platform called Central offers communication, community management and payment modules which have simplified processes for thousands of organizations throughout Canada and the United States reducing overhead, increasing performance and enhancing customer engagement.

Central’s comprehensive communications suite enables organizations to effectively connect with clients through multiple tools.

Community management is streamlined for homeowners, professional and membership-driven associations by consolidating data into one unified platform.

IVRNET’s Telepay PCI compliant over-the-phone payment software provides customers a convenient way to pay bills and can be integrated into existing call center workflows or used as an efficient auto-attendant payment solution.

Regardless of the solution, IVRNET will add value to your organization by Simplifying Processes.


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Ivrnet was acquired by Harris Computer System in December 2023.




Ivrnet Extends Sales Channel Partnership with Altitude Communications and Imagine Wireless


February 19 2016 Ivrnets Central Platform for HOAs streamlines the collection of HOA Fees plus mgmt. of membership programs and facility rentals – we have the cloud-based technology tools to make organizations more efficient through our three core products - Ivrnet Central(operations), SafePay (financial) and NexText (customer engagement).  As companies, governments and communities become familiar with the power of Ivrnet’s tools for maximizing operational efficiencies, we will continue to grow and expand.”

April 12 2016 the official market release of the SMS based communications and advertising/sponsorship platoform NexText. In development since 2013, first to market solution is specifically designed for the public transit market, providing digital communications and advertising revenue to North American transit operators.  NEXTEXT allows riders to request and receive information relevant to their specific transit stop, along with advertising relevant to the geographic location of the stop.  This unique SMS and sponsorship platform is based on Ivrnet’s proprietary AdCentral platform that combines automated information response with geolocation services.  NEXTEXT incudes SMS aggregation, SMS processing and integrated Web applications for selling and managing all aspects of advertising content and campaigns. NEXTEXT fully integrates with real time, GPS based bus arrival information.  It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It is automated, easy to use, extremely scalable, readily deployable and remarkably cost effective for transit operators and their riders.




January 31, 2012, via asset purchase agreement, Ivrnet acquired Calgary-based TxtMeNow eCommerce Inc

March 31, 2012 Ivrnet, via asset purchase agreement, acquired NeatWorx Web Solutions Inc. 


April 1, 2011, by way of take-over bid, Ivrnet acquired 97% of Ltd., doing business as ITSportsNet.


July 2009, Ivrnet created a wholly owned subsidiary, Ivrnet International Inc., to facilitate future expansion of operations internationally. 


November 2008, Ivrnet purchased the assets and operations of 1stLine Communications. 


The core telephony technology was originally developed to process high volumes of tee time booking for the golfing industry. Ivrnet needed to be on the forefront of combining these technologies to provide an integrated golf solution that would allow both telephone and internet bookers to compete for the same tee times on equal footing while completing thousands of transactions in a day. By the end of the 2006 playing season Ivrnet had successfully booked 4,900,330 tee times in this competitive environment.

On June 11, 2006 Ivrnet acquired customer operations & rights to voice recognition technology from Voicelink Technologies. 


Because of the diverse nature of the end uses of the Ivrnet technology, in late 2004 and early 2005 Ivrnet began an aggressive push towards selling through channel partners with specific industry expertise. The use of channel partners to deliver Ivrnet services has increased Ivrnet’s reach and allows Ivrnet to focus on core technologies and general user experiences. Ivrnet now maintains a back end development group to enhance technologies, a front end development group to create interfaces for multiple vertical markets, and a customer development team that produce applications under contract only for projects that use and enhance Ivrnet’s core functionality. 

In March 2005, Ivrnet established a working partnership with PBS Financial Systems.


At the beginning of 2004 Ivrnet began identifying core technologies that could be separated out of its golf environment to serve more varied and profitable businesses. As 97% of golf bookings occur within 30 minutes of a courses opening, the load on Ivrnet’s golf system would be over by 8:30 each morning, and network capacity was virtually untouched during the prime business hours of each day. The development of synergistic business applications that could run throughout the day allowed for greater asset utilization and set the stage for profitability. In particular, the development of speech enabled business applications was undertaken, as these applications heavily utilize the Ivrnet telephone center, and are hard to replicate by the average software developer or software firm.

Technology that allowed for the golf booking system to call a pro shop and allow staff to interact with golfers seeking help became the basis for business tools such as conference calling. Technology that routed calls to and from multiple golf courses, automatically faxed tee sheets to courses, and recorded proshop calls became the basis for Unified Communications services. The audit functions required to verify and record transactions for private member courses became the foundation for the call tracking and recording products.

Today Ivrnet maintains a stable of services that surround a handful of core telephone and internet technologies, but that deploy in dozens of different ways. To the end user the technologies seem broad and widely dispersed, but to the technology center they are synergistic and tightly meshed.



On July 31, 2003, Ivrnet Inc. & Home Media Corp. combined companies into a single business entity continuing business under the name of Ivrnet Inc.