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Programs & Event Management

Enable users to register online for programs and events and pay fees. Customers and members can:

  • View and manage upcoming program and event details
  • Reserve availability/waitlist
  • Pay for programs online


  • Links all purchases to individual user accounts and adjusts pricing based on membership privileges
  • Automatically reserves the facility calendar, eliminating double-booking
  • Public calendar showing program dates, times, and location
  • Collects valuable event specific registrant information
  • Tracks achievement levels
  • Real-time participation statistics for administrators
  • Includes registered users, waitlisted users and support staff
  • Qualify registrants based on using demographic and/or pre-requisite restrictions.
  • Program attendance reports
  • Bulk emails can be sent to class participants or individual members
  • Export applicable aggregate data and granular reports along with financial information

Add: Supplementary Resources

This feature works in conjunction with program and event management and facility booking management to give organizations the ability to manage and allocate additional resources (e.g., tables, chairs, sound systems, etc.) that are needed for programs, events, or facility bookings.

Add: Certificate and Achievement

This feature works in conjunction with program and event management. Organizations have the ability to manage and allocate certificate and level achievements once programs or events have been completed/attended. Examples: NCCP Coaching Certificates, Level 5 in Swimming, Level 10 in Piano, etc.