Keep informed! Check our Service Status if you are experiencing any issues with any of your Ivrnet Services.

Intermittent issues due to volume on all carriers across Canada

Ivrnet Conferencing and Toll Free Services

We have been informed that there are intermittent issues due to volume on all carriers across Canada.

Toll Free Numbers (UM Numbers): we are working to re-route to accommodate this capacity issue that you may be experiencing. It is an intermittent issue at this time.


We have multiple phone numbers available for our Ivrnet Conferencing customers to use at this time. They are listed below. Thank you for your patience as the carriers work on adding more connectivity to handle these extremes.

  • Toll Free: 1.800.760.6510
  • Toll Free: 1.888.822.0321
  • Local Calgary: 403.930.5129
  • Local Calgary: 403.984.0586
  • Local Vancouver: 604.566.8279
Current Status by Service
Central No Issues
SMS Texting Services No Issues
PCI Online Payment Solutions No Issues
PCI Telephone Payment Solutions No Issues
Website Services No Issues
Email Services No Issues
Domain Services No Issues
*Voice ServicesIntermittent issues due to volume on all carriers across Canada
SafeTeam No Issues
ITSN-ITSportsnet V2.1 No Issues
NexText Services No Issues
Customized Solutions No Issues

*Voice Services include the following: UM Messaging, Conferencing, Fax services, Toll Free, Quick Call

Maintenance Advisory Notices

This is for Ivrnet planned maintenance advisory as well as for our planned Carrier maintenace advisory notices which come to us from our vendors that may or may not affect services that you currently have with Ivrnet.  The most common services would be phone related such as Toll Free Services, SMS, QuickMessage, QuickCall, Telepay, SafeTeam, UM Messaging.  A listing of Ivrnet’s different CARRIERS would be – Shaw, Allstream, ThinkTel and Broadband Dynamics, Olson.

Ivrnet Maintenance Advisory Notices

None at this time.