Ivrnet is a software as a service (SaaS) provider delivering communication tools and integration to databases and company resources to automate and streamline business processes. We facilitate two-way information sharing between large groups of people and organizations through automation.  Services are accessible to customers over a common set of tools that are widely available, such as telephone access (IVR), online access, SMS (text messaging) services and fax.  

  • Secure, available and scalable
  • PCI compliant, world-class data center
  • Feature rich, leading edge modules
  • Business automation management
  • Efficient and intuitive communications
  • Mobile-first, responsive design
  • Designed to simplify integration
  • Omnichannel strategy and development of efficient operations
  • Simplifies user experience via elegant and adaptable interface

Automated Customer Reporting

Ivrnet Service for Automated Client Reporting is used to capture monthly reporting from a large group of clients over IVR and online tools to consolidate to a common database.  Post-verification is performed via rules and the report status is automatically updated to meet a set criteria to either initiate a payment or assign to the staff queue for post-verification review.  Automating monthly reporting significantly enhances the customer experience, improves efficiency and has significantly reduced wait times for clients. Program options include use of voiceprint and voice biometrics. 

PCI Payment Services

Ivrnet provides compliant automated telephone, SMS or online payment services to de-scope CSR or staff member from the card payment processes.

Service Options

  • Seamless, integration to automatically receive customer phone calls and the customer transaction
  • Integration to customer accounts to update payment status or offer self serve options to make payments

Hosted IVR Call Management

  • Advanced call management tools with self-managed access to web-accessible call management tools
  • Online cloud tools to route calls on demand, add triage options, announcements and automate a customer interface 
  • Integrate with client accounts to automatically route calls to appropriate resources
  • Integrate to SMS service to offer alternative two-way communication options with a desktop ‘chat’ 

SMS Applications

  • Integrated programs to automatically link SMS to services
  • Used by Transit Organizations to deliver real-time schedules
  • Transit Watch Program for two-way conversation and instant access to a help desk for secure, discrete communication 
  • Contact centre integration to offer two-way SMS Chat conversation using Ivrnet’s web-accessible Concierge portal