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Communications Infrastructure

Establishing and maintaining your campaign and political efforts requires communications solutions including phone lines, telephone attendants, websites, and more. Vinceró Communications Infrastructure provides you with options for effective communications solutions.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications is a software service that is a one number answer to all of your telephone needs.

By dialing one number, calls will be routed to your list of numbers where you can be reached, ensuring that you never miss an important call.

Voicemails and conversation recordings are sent to you by email service allowing you to save them for later use or forward to another recipient.

Manage your list of phone numbers through an easy to use online interface.

Virtual Attendant

The Virtual Attendant is your personalized greeting and phone answering system. This virtual attendant will direct your campaign’s incoming calls allowing callers to choose who they wish to speak to or the information that they are looking for.

Professional talent will record your greetings, and the virtual attendant becomes your 24 hour phone answering service, greeting your callers, supporters, and donors with a friendly voice whenever they call.

Audio Conferences

This self managed digital teleconferencing service gives you the ability to connect with your entire campaign team or volunteers. You can also use this service to hold digital townhalls anywhere in Canada and the US. A secure data centre ensures that all of your calls are private and protected.

With a web based administration tool, you are able to access features that give you full control of your call including the ability to record your conference.

Website Design & Hosting

Your website is a vital campaign tool. You need a professional, well designed website that is informative, interactive, and optimized for tablet and mobile viewing. Furthermore, you need a service that is easy to manage and a service that provides ongoing support.

Ivrnet’s professional web developers work with you to build a professional, easy to read, and attractive website to meet your campaign needs. Hosting plans allow you to choose your storage needs, access speeds, and hosting services.

Email Services

Email is a crucial part of your communication and campaign. It is imperative that your email provider is able to manage your email needs professionally and with total security.

Ivrnet’s webmail services give you online access to your email at all times, providing you with top of the line spam protection and security protocols.

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