For over 20 years Ivrnet has helped thousands of organizations throughout Canada and the United States connect their internal teams and customers when they need it most.

4 Simple Solutions

  • Unified Messaging
    • Direct phone numbers where you want, when you want
  • Text To Email/Mobile
    • SMS enable existing phone number to enable your customers to reach your business via text
  • Audio Conferencing
    • Conduct conference calls anytime, anywhere, without specifying a date, time, duration or number of participants
  • Digital Fax
    • Bring fax to your email

Unified Messaging Call Forwarding


  • Cloud-Based Call Forwarding
  • Easy to use online platform with secure login and password
  • Calls can be routed to a list of numbers where you can be reached or call forwarded to a call centre on a scheduled basis or on demand
  • Voicemails and conversation recordings can be sent to you via email allowing you to save them for later use or forward to another recipient

SMS Text Enable Existing Numbers


  • Text enable your existing toll-free phone number so customers can text you
  • Inbound text messages will be delivered to an Inbox with a notification of a new message received to a specific email/mobile 
  • Login to an online portal, to manage your texts with easy 2-way text conversations
  • Setup Keywords and advertise with auto-responses to your customers
  • Setup a general auto response and update it at any time, so your customers know you are responding

Audio Conferencing


  • Self-managed, reservation-less, all digital, web-enabled audio conference service
  • Uncompressed telephone channels to ensure no signal drop and no decrease in the audio spectrum
  • One-Touch Call Recording and Playback allows the moderator to download their full conference immediately after a conference
  • Call participation from anywhere in Canada and the United States
  • Secure cloud service ensuring that all calls are private and protected
  • No contract minimums and no per-conference fee
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support

Digital Fax


  • Inbound Fax
    • Receive incoming faxes via email
    • Fax is converted to a .pdf or .tif file
  • Outbound Fax
    • Send faxes directly from your computer
      • Login to your browser and upload the documents to send, enter the destination fax number(s) and send fax