Inexpensive and easy to use staff safety system

SafeTeam is a budget-friendly, phone check-in safety system. Reduce the risks for your field staff and out-of-office workers who work alone in potentially hazardous situations.

Average cost: less than $1 a day per user

SafeTeam significantly and efficiently enhances the safety and security of field staff by delivering automated procedures for the real-time monitoring of visits. In addition, SafeTeam provides management and individual staff mileage and visit reports that improve operations and integrity.

No new equipment required

All that’s needed is a cell phone in the field, and a connected internet browser at the office to:
  • Have a real time view of field staff location as they check in and out of appointments
  • Set standard appointment times, and add time to appointments if required
  • Automate call-back when a staff member does not check out of an appointment
  • Ensure that unanswered calls automatically trigger an escalation procedure that you define
  • Provide single-touch emergency distress calling for field staff
  • Generate reports for mileage and appointment times/duration


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