Ivrnet Safepay

Does your business accept credit card transactions over the web? Over the phone? Is e-commerce part of your future? Is PCI compliance becoming a headache? Consumers are more reluctant than ever to give credit card information over the phone, and payment gateways are penalizing companies who do it.  Ivrnet Safepay is a suite of applications that solves these challenges and reduces the pain points of electronic payment processing—online or over the phone.


  • Secure Online Web Portal
  • Telephone credit card processing
  • Link Transactions to existing Accounts
  • No need to take down credit card numbers
  • Cloud Based
  • PCI Compliant
  • Simple integration with any system
  • Seamless Processing
  • Fully Automated Transactions
  • All transactions are tokenized—No credit card numbers are stored
  • Customer Peace of Mind
  • Reduces Risk and Liability
  • Reduces ‘Time in Call’

PCI Compliance

If your business accepts credit card payment, PCI compliance is now a part of your business. Many companies struggle with the cost and work involved to be compliant. The simplest solution? Choose Ivrnet Safepay to handle all your electronic credit card payment. Online or over the phone, our platform is secure and PCI compliant.

Learn more: Over the Phone Credit Card Fraud: A PCI Compliance Guide for Business and Government

Telephone Credit Card Processing

Ivrnet Telepay—a unique phone service part of the Ivrnet Safepay suite—allows anyone to securely take credit card numbers over the phone. Imagine fast, secure transactions and efficiency gains for your call centre based business. Think about it—your team will never have to kill five minutes trying to decipher the credit card number, expiry date and CVC.

Telepay eliminates the risk of staff members taking down credit card numbers manually. Instead, the system uses an advanced, PCI compliant IVR technology to take the credit card numbers, exchange them for a token and then process any transactions big or small. Telepay significantly reduces risk and liability and streamline telephone payments for your business.

Online Payment Processing

If you need online payment as part of your business Ivrnet is your solution. If you simply need the transaction to happen off your systems so you are PCI compliant or if you need a full shopping cart integration Ivrnet has your solution. Simple, elegant and easy.

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