Ivrnet QuickMessage

message chat bubbles for quick message productOur newest product to hit the market, QuickMessage is designed to notify large groups of people quickly and efficiently. QuickMessage brings automation and efficiency to your organization, and enhances the experience of members in thousands of organizations, including:

  • Political campaigns
  • Utilities
  • Homeowner Associations (HOA)

QuickMessage lets you record your message and send to a group of individuals. Membership-based organizations can offer members the option to sign up for their preferred method of communication — text, automated call, email, or fax. QuickMessage automatically sends members the message via their preferred communication method(s).

Does your organization need to send out routine or emergency messages? QuickMessage technology has been used by Canadian Utilities for emergency notifications for years. It is fully integrated into Ivrnet Central and Safepay, but is a stand alone product, as well.

Work Distribution and Chain of Communication

Need to confirm the receipt of your messages? Flag the "answer back" feature to require the receiver to confirm. You now have an auditable chain of communication.

Invoicing & Payments Over the Phone

QuickMessage can be combined with Telepay to notify members of outstanding invoices and allow them to pay automatically over the phone or web.

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