Ivrnet Central – Recreation, Membership & Facilities Management

We help people come together in sport and communities, because we know belonging matters. Ivrnet Central software makes the experience of becoming, being and participating in membership simple and accessible. Ivrnet Central enhances the experience of members in thousands of organizations, including:

  • Communities
  • Resident’s Associations
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Property Managers
  • Team Sport
  • Individual Sport
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Municipalities

The Features You Need Are Ready

Ivrnet Central’s features include:

  • Property Ownership and Residency
  • Organization Membership
  • Facilities Management and Event Booking
  • Program Management
  • Property Management
  • Simple Point of Sale
  • Financial Reports
  • Complete Online Access and Payment For All Features
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Manage Your Organization’s Money

Every transaction your organization performs in Ivrnet Central is automatically associated with the appropriate General Ledger codes using standard dual entry accounting practices. Online or in person, it doesn’t matter. Fully auditable and exportable to your accounting software, money cannot disappear. As a board member, you have peace of mind knowing your by-laws, processes and procedures cannot be easily circumvented.

Your organization needs to be able to accept payment however people present it. Ivrnet Central allows cash, cheque and at the counter credit card payment. Even better, it gives you Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance online and over the phone payment. Online and phone payment is not only convenient for people, it saves them and your organization time and money while reducing exposure to fraud.

An Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers have very high expectations for online purchasing. Your organization will be measured against big web retailers and banks. Most organizations can’t build this kind of experience, and offer subpar online checkout. Users abandon their cart because something just feels off, unfamiliar or unsafe.

Ivrnet Central provides a familiar shopping cart environment that is seamless, attractive, modern and safe.

The platform is easy to use and intuitive—anyone familiar with online shopping can dive in and immediately get to work. Your organization’s team is up and running, quickly and affordably.


Any Way You Want to Communicate

Your organization wants to stay relevant to members and residents, nurturing relationships, and growing new members. We understand that communication is the key to achieve your goals. Ivrnet Central integrates seamlessly with our telephony and telematics technology, which means you can use whatever communication style your members prefer. Social media, text, email—even voice and fax—are available with a simple click of a mouse or tap on a mobile device. Because Ivrnet Central works for offline users and integrates with fax and voice, you can still talk to members with the affordability of electronic messages. Check out Quick Message for further details.

Security and Compliance

One of the greatest risks to your organization is the security of your transactions and members’ personal information. We have you covered with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, Privacy of Information and secure, in Canada, data storage. We maintain commitments to governments and large corporations, and operate under the strictest security and compliance protocols. You have peace of mind knowing we are accountable to the highest standards.

Always Available

Ivrnet has a 99.999% availability record. We are mission-critical for the delivery of services to governments in the case of a crisis. All of our systems have multiple redundancy. We even have triple backup for power supply. Ivrnet is the highest priority for power and telecommunications in the event of crisis or disaster.


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