Ivrnet Web Sites

An exciting opportunity for Webmasters.

Ivrnet Web SitesAre you struggling with your current web site? Looking for a new design with more functionality and cool features? Freedom CMS is Ivrnet’s next generation website solution that eases your pain.

Your website needs to be easy to maintain, attractive and available 24/7. With today’s mobile device dominance, it also needs to auto adjust to fit any platform, yet robust enough to handle high volumes to best meet the evolving needs of your clubs membership.

Freedom CMS has all these benefits and more. Your website will have sizzle with an appeal and user experience that delivers happy members and gives you an edge with partners, sponsors and advertisers.

Key Features

• Robust web editor

• Visually appealing

• Easy to use and maintain

• Responsive - optimized for mobile devices (e.g. smart phones and tablets)

• High-profile section for partners, sponsors and advertisers

• Built-in events calendar, news, blogs and 80 other modules

• Social media and news feeds

Migrating to Freedom CMS is simple and easy. Ivrnet has already done the heavy lifting of developing the technical process of moving your critical needs into your new website. You just need to choose your flavour of Freedom CMS, Lite or Plus, and the design template that meets your needs.


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