Easy to use 2-way SMS Communication *Fast * Effective * Efficient

Customer's Preferred Method of Communication

  • Mobile First: future proof yourself with your customers
  • Increase mobile user engagement with your business by using your customer’s preferred method of communication – texting
  • More customers are willing to text rather than phone or email
  • Text messages are opened 98% of the time within minutes of receipt
  • Remove frustration from your customers when they reach out for information about your business
  • Stay Top of Mind and Increase Traffic and Increase Sales

The cost of communicating with customers is often lower over SMS tools and is far more convenient for instant response.  Enhancing the user experience for doing business with your organization leads to more loyalty and potentially an increase to the bottom line.  We offer a variety of approaches to enabling SMS messaging that allow our clients to test the water with a low up front investment.  We can text enable your existing phone number (long code) to support SMS text messaging over the same number that customers already use.  This solution will also allow for auto responses and canned responses pre-set to allow for quicker and effective responses to your customers.

  • Processing of SMS or MMS messages facilitated by the controls within your Concierge Portal
  • Integration to chat service for two-way conversation with customers over Text
  • Automate Responses using Keywords
  • Canned Responses for quick responses
  • Reporting of Messages and Activities
  • Short code and/or long code enabled
  • Self Managed portal with reporting, escalation, and ticket classification modules
  • Enhanced security utilizing SSO and/or IP address whitelisting
  • Ability to integrate into other 3rd party web services platforms

Ask us about our advanced and comprehensive
communications platform designed to exploit mobile first technology as a user
engagement tool.

What is Concierge?
Secure web-accessible Portal designed to receive Text Messages from Mobile Subscribers sent to a specified phone number (Short-code or 10 digit phone number) that allows staff to respond to messages from the desktop, create keyword/response, use canned responses, classify and report on messages and automate routine questions and scripts. 

Why enable SMS Communications?
SMS is increasingly becoming the communication method of choice. Individuals are far more likely to open a text message vs. an email. 

Ways to utilize this amazing tool

  • Automate texting responses using keyword/response ie. FAQs
  • Allow free form conversation from a text to a existing desktop chat or using Ivrnet Concierge Portal.
  • Conversations captured to allows tracking for consistent, high-quality interactions. 
  • Streamline communications over text that would take much longer on the phone
  • Create canned responses for efficient communication
  • Allow agents to push information over SMS to a citizen
  • Use this system to push the disclaimers and require citizen acceptance by return message (Camp Ground  Reservations)
  • Use to push mass notifications and optionally allow citizens to respond with requested information ie Address Change on accounts
  • Automate routine Q & A before an agent engages
  • Surveys



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