Organizations have the ability to record payments on invoices with all necessary information (e.g., date, time, payment method, etc.). It also gives organizations the ability to receive payments through a secure, PCI compliant online portal. Customers can safely submit payment for all fees from any mobile or desktop device.

As an added value feature, your organization can opt in for the phone payment solution on top of the online payment. Your members can pay over the phone, while still maintaining your PCI compliance for payments.

If your business accepts credit card payment over the phone or online, PCI compliance is now a part of your business. Consumers are more reluctant than ever to give credit card information over the phone. Use Ivrnet’s Safepay module, either online or over the phone – or both!

Administrators can generate and record batch invoices, apply credits, process refunds, and pull financial reports related to payments on an as-needed basis. 

This product is usually paired with any of the following:

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