Ivrnet has a full suite of Telephone based products and services that are designed to increase productivity, better service customers, and add value to existing procedures. Below you will find a list of the full suite of Telephone based features Ivrnet has to offer.

Quick Call

With QuickCall, effectively send out communications via automated phone call, text message, and email. This platforms function as the most efficient and effective notification systems, delivering custom messages to your call list, including an option to transfer to your call center. .

UM Messaging

Unified Communications is a software service that is a one number answer to all of your telephone needs.  By dialing one number, calls will be routed to your list of numbers where you can be reached, ensuring that you never miss an important call. Voicemails and conversation recordings are sent to you by email service allowing you to save them for later use or forward to another recipient. Manage your list of phone numbers through an easy to use online interface.

Toll Free Services

Looking for that vanity Toll Free Number? Or just need a new Toll Free Number for your business, Ivrnet can handle the setup for you. Already have a Toll Free Number but want to be able to have multiple people manage the calls certain times of the day? We can port your current toll free number and then setup your service on our UM Messaging platform – ask us how!

Conferencing Services

This self managed digital teleconferencing service gives you the ability to connect with your entire campaign team or volunteers. You can also use this service to hold digital townhalls anywhere in Canada and the US. A secure data centre ensures that all of your calls are private and protected.  With a web based administration tool, you are able to access features that give you full control of your call including the ability to record your conference.


A mobile application designed to reduce the safety risk for your staff in the field. Based on a simple Check in-Check-Out process, it triggers an INTERNAL ALERT if someone is injured or in danger and can’t call for help.

Virtual Attendant

The Virtual Attendant is your personalized greeting and phone answering system. This virtual attendant will direct your campaign’s incoming calls allowing callers to choose who they wish to speak to or the information that they are looking for. Professional talent will record your greetings, and the virtual attendant becomes your 24 hour phone answering service, greeting your callers, supporters, and donors with a friendly voice whenever they call.

Automated Call Center

Do you have people pick up the phone can calling your customers, supporters, donors?  Support your communication efforts with this automated call center.  This digital dialer automatically calls and connects your organization with your imported contact list.  Simplify and remove error from manual dialing.

Polls & Surveys

Create customized telephone polls and surveys, add them to your existing call flow! Send out surveys over the phone to your contact list to begin gathering vital information on the needs and concerns of your customers. You can also setup an inbound survey for people to call in to provide feedback.  Reduce staff time and overhead costs spent on picking up and spending time on the phone.


How many bus stops or train stations are in your riding, in your city? With each person texting to find out their next bus or train arrival time, your marketing message can reach out to the millions of transit riders in your city. SMS text messaging has become the de facto method of communication for today’s consumers. Transit riders are consumers that are not reached with traditional radio, tv, newspaper or outdoor advertising. Take advantage of this communication method to increase your chances of campaign victory. **currently only available in Calgary, AB and Metro Vancouver, BC in Canada

Texting Concierge: SMS & MMS
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