Ivrnet Central Tops 100,000 Users With Signing of Four Calgary Communities

Ivrnet signed four Calgary residential community organizations in January, 2017 to long-term contracts to employ Ivrnet Central for fee collection, member registration and community facilities.  In total, the contracts are worth $510,000 over a five-year period.  One of the contracts is for one-year with a four-year extension option.

“We are right on target,” explains Ivrnet CEO David Snell. “We are maintaining our goal of signing one new Ivrnet Central community per month.”

“We are also delighted to report that our previously announced Ivrnet Central customers in Edmonton are all up and running. In fact, we are already receiving positive feedback about our product.”

“In particular, the Lake Summerside Residents Association which uses Ivrnet Central to communicate with its 4500 homeowners told us that they are pleased with the numerous online features that we helped create on their website.  Things such as registering for a program; renting a facility or paying annual membership fees can all be done online, thus reducing the association’s manpower costs for managing these activities that previously were completed primarily by telephone and mail.”

“The software was deployed swiftly and with minimal impact to operations” added Triona Cosgrave, Manager, Residents Association Edmonton. 

Adds Snell, “The association is also keen on implementing a new Ivrnet product called QuickMessage that instantly sends important or time sensitive messages via email, text message or automated phone call to all community residents.”

Ivrnet Central provides online management of operations and financial processing for membership driven organizations.

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