Communicate with your audience, how they want to be communicated with. Ivrnet offers a full suite of products designed for increased engagement, exposure, and customer interaction.

Easily send out organization information and newsletters to your members, customers, and program participants. This Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation compliant communications tool allows organizations to connect with constituents through Email, Automated Telephone Message, or SMS Text Message and Fax. Members and users are also able to manage their own notification preferences, and update them at any time.

Notify any large group of people quickly and efficiently. Simply record or enter your message, select the communication methods and send it to a designated group of individuals. Quick, fast, simple!

Ways to utilize this amazing tool

  • first-tier collections tool by notifying customers of outstanding invoices and directing them to your payment portal for quick turnaround on invoice payments
  • confirm the receipt of your message by using the answer back feature to require the receiver to confirm receipt of the message

Enhance the SMS Texting Solution

Mobile first! Most preferred method of Communication with a 98% open rate!

Enhance and upgrade your SMS services by adding the Texting Concierge feature – Stay Top of Mind, and remove frustration from your customers when they reach out for information about your organization.

Other add-ons available

Ivrnet has a full suite of Telephone based products and services that are designed to increase productivity, better service customers, and add value to existing procedures. Below you will find a list of the full suite of Telephone based features Ivrnet has to offer.

Whether it is a one time use, or monthly – we most likely have a solution to meet your requirements. Reach out to our sales team for more information.

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