Front-End Call Triage in Secure Cloud-based Environment

Ivrnet cloud IVR service is built in our secure, redundant facilities in Calgary to support high volume voice calls for customers. Easily manage customer demand with secure, web-accessible login to route calls to whatever destination you need. The Ivrnet services are managed facilities and include dynamic call management based on agent availability, upfront auto-attend options, routing based on rules or by administrative control.  

  • Build a Business Continuity plan to re-direct calls to alternative locations or distribute to staff remotely
  • Manage customer communications with dynamic call management tools including routing callers to different queues, changing announcements whenever you need to, designate permission levels for administrative login and change management
  • Automate questionnaires to triage calls or offer information to your customers
  • Switch inbound calls between from the telephone to text by offering customers a choice to opt-in to a text conversation through call prompts
  • Integrate to your company’s systems to automate information collection or identify callers and free up your staff 
  • Voice Biometrics options to authenticate and identify a caller with a voice print

Two-way SMS/MMS Message System

Ivrnet Concierge Two-way texting application allows your staff at a desktop to talk to customers over text. Our could software is accessible to your staff by secure web-based login. Your customers can text you to your main phone number that we text enable or use a short-code phone number.  


  • Text enable contact centre phone numbers (long code: 10 digit number ex: 800-351-7227) so customers can communicate with your staff via text messaging
  • SMS routing based on NPA/NXX
  • Staff with credentials can login from anywhere 
  • Services are easily extensible with integration to customer back-end system through secure, lightweight API 
  • Build your own ‘canned’ responses or keyword/response library
  • Maintain records of past conversations
  • Categorize and organize messages 
  • Short-code application (3 to 7 digit number) for specialty requirements