Ivrnet Planned Maintenance Advisory Notices

This is for Ivrnet planned maintenance advisory as well as for our planned Carrier maintenace advisory notices which come to us from our vendors that may or may not affect services that you currently have with Ivrnet.  The most common services would be phone related such as Toll Free Services, SMS, QuickMessage, QuickCall, Telepay, SafeTeam, UM Messaging.  A listing of Ivrnet's different CARRIERS would be - Shaw, Allstream, ThinkTel and Broadband Dynamics, Olson.

Upcoming Ivrnet Maintenance Advisory Notices

There are no planned Ivrnet Maintenace Advisory Notices at this time.


Upcoming Carrier Maintenance Advisory Notices


Carrier Maintenance Window Estimated Service Disruption Ivrnet Services that could be affected
ICF Olsen Monday, February 18th at 3:00am EST There is no action needed from your end and you may experience a brief interruption of service (no more than 5 minutes) within the maintenance window. This activity should not affect users, but there may be delays sending and receiving SMS messages during this time period.



313131 and 74000



If you are experiencing an outage and there is no maintenance scheduled on your service that you are having issues with, please submit a ticket to help@ivrnet.com so that our Team can review your issue and assist you accordingly.  Thank you.

Ivrnet Service Outage History


Payment Services Outage December 13, 2018

Ivrnet experienced a payment processing services outage due to a third party vendor hardware issue. The outage affected all payment processing services. The incident was recognized and the Ivrnet team worked to resolve the issue as soon as it started. 

The outage started December 13, 2018 at 4:16 pm MST and was resolved at 5:06 pm MST on the same day.

Ivrnet thanks all our customers for their patience on this particular outage.



Webmail Portal Outage August 23-25, 2018

Ivrnet services experienced a service outage due to a third party vendor application outage. The outage only affected the webmail portal access to emails, but did not affect the receipt and sending of emails. All email services were still accessible through email clients (e.g., Outlook) or mobile/tablet email applications. 

The outage started August 23, 2018 12:21 pm EST and resolved around 3:30 pm EST on August 25, 2018.

Ivrnet thanks all our customers for their patience on this particular outage.



Shaw Service Outage August 8 2018

Ivrnet services experienced a service outage due to a Shaw Outage during maintenance being performed.  The outage included services in Edmonton and Calgary.  Ivrnet services affected were any communication/phone service tied to a Shaw phone number such as Ivrnet Conferencing, Ivrnet Toll Free Services, UM messaging, SafeTeam, Ivrnet Auto Attendant.

The outage started early morning on August 8 2018 with a full resolution from Shaw at 10:15 am MT on August 8 2018.  Our team has re-routed all services back over to Shaw to resume Ivrnet services back to 100% capacity.


We would like to thank all of our customers for their patience on this particular outage as we communicated with Shaw regarding their outage.