Ivrnet Telephony Suite

Ivrnet has a full suite of Telephony based products and services that are designed to increase productivity, better service customers, and add value to existing procedures. Below you will find the full suite of Telephony based products Ivrnet has to choose from, along with some examples of key partners.

Unified Messaging

Ivrnet’s Unified Messaging (UM), makes it easier to manage your personalized contact preferences by simply using a user interface online. You may choose to edit where the number terminates (IE Cell phone, desk phone, etc.) as well as when it can dial each of the specified termination points. You can create a schedule where certain days of the week may have ring to different locations based on the time of day. Along with the ease of controlling your termination points, UM also acts as a centralized voicemail system, sending you a voicemail in the form of an email anytime.

Disaster Recovery Planning

DRP is used as a simple failover in the event of a serious phone outage where customers may be trying to reach you and cannot. During these times, Ivrnet has developed a simple and effective way of “flipping a switch” to activate a backup line (or lines) in which customer will still be able to reach you when needed. You can have as few as a single line, or as much as multiple PRI lines that will all act the same way.

Conference Calling

Hold large conference calls with clients anytime using our conference system. Included with the system is a unique web interface which allows you to easily control settings during a conference call. Additionally, unlike most conference services, Ivrnet only uses TDM phone lines and does not use VOIP ultimately giving you a more reliable connection.

Virtual Attendant

Ivrnet has two options for virtual attendants, speech enabled and DTMF enabled. Speech enabled allows the caller to simply speak a command and immediately be transferred to that department/person. DTMF simply means that the caller will be given a list of options and will be required to press a number on their keypad to transfer to the selected destination. Ivrnet also partners with professional voice talent studios to help give you a more professional sounding greeting.


Our newest product to hit the market! QuickMessage is designed to notify large groups of people in very little time, with very little effort. Simply record or enter your message, select the communication methods in which it will be sent (phone, email, SMS, and Fax) and send it to a designated group of individuals. The system has also been designed to accommodate overtime bookings on a first come, first serve basis, while keeping it fair and only calling the people with the fewest amount of calls first and foremost. Paired with a call count, it can provide proof that fair work distribution and opportunity has been given. If you need to confirm the receipt of your messages features are activated that require the receiver to ‘answer back’. You now have an auditable chain of communication.